Organic Freeze-Dried Berries

Our berries are hand picked in the wild forest of Northern Europe. The berries are then cleaned and frozen in to class A by IQF method. They are stored in this form and freeze dried at a later stage of when needed.

What is freeze drying?

Freeze drying is a process of dehydrating frozen food so the moisture content changes from frozen form to gaseous form without having to go through the intermediate liquid form. This results in in the product keeping its original form, texture, taste and the nutritional values. 
It was first adapted on the wide use by the spaces agencies to insure that the astronauts get their required nutrients while they are in space. The freeze dried product have a long shelf life and minimise the presence of any bacteria that otherwise would be found in the food.


Our organic freeze-dried berries can be supplied as a whole berry, crumbles or powders