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Birch water

What are the Benefits?

│ Lowers cholesterol   │ Supports your  liver   Great source of manganese   Supports your kidneys  │ Reduces cellulite Improves your skin

What is Birch Water?

Amazing Forest birch water is literally the sap collected directly from a forest filled with Betula Pendula, more commonly known as silver birch trees. The water is a clear liquid that has been filtered by the trees and given a whole range of vitamins and minerals that not only the trees love but so do we. It has a slightly silky texture and a sweet taste that is completely natural, totally organic and 100% AMAZING! It has been enjoyed for thousands of years by the people of Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and other northern countries. The tradition of collecting the water directly from the tree is something that we have perfected and you can see this in every bottle of Amazing Forest Birch water.

Organic Birch Water


Where does Birch Water Come From?

Amazing Forest birch water comes from a forest in Belarus.

How is Birch Water harvested?

Amazing Forest birch water is unique in that the time for harvest is relatively short and occurs for only a few weeks once a year, just at the very start of spring while the sap is still sweet and begins to flow from the trees roots to its newly budding leaves. The sap is collected from the trees in containers that are left overnight until they are full. Just because the harvest time is limited, doesn’t mean our supply is. From each tree we collect around 85 litres of birch sap. Our methods do not harm the trees in any way but at the same time we don’t want to deprive the trees of its own goodness. They are good to us so we are good to them, which is why we only use about 10% of what the tree even produces. But since we have around 2 million trees to choose from there’s plenty of sap to go around- roughly 170,000,000 litres, which is enough to fill over 450 swimming pools.

The process of birch sap harvest is as follows.

In Belarus we have a very long history of harvesting for sap. All forest is owned by the Government and there are strict procedures in place to make sure this is sustainable process.

The forests are divided between local regions that are in charge of their respective forests. Those professionals know the forest like back of their hand, having information on age of all trees.

Sap is collected from trees which are selected for forest trimming in next 5 years, the process is done by the professionals who look after the forests.

To harvest a tree it must be at least 55 years old with diameter of 25cm. The life span of birch tree is 60 years. In the place new birch trees are planted (most of the time by natural process)

The cut is made in the tree and plastic bags is tied in to it, over night the sap flows and in the morning it is collected and taken to the factory where it is processed and ether bottled or stored in aseptic bags. 

The above process ensures that the tree does not receive long term damage and is only harvested at the end of it's life span. To give you an example, a birch tree can be cut down  before it is 55y.o. however it will be illegal to harvest it (to make sure that no corners are cut when harvesting for this)

This process allows us to sustainable harvest for large amount of sap each year.

Why should I drink Birch Water?

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Do you want to big and strong like a tree? Drink birch water.’

No? Well maybe we made that up. But we can’t be accused of making up all the natural vitamins and minerals that Amazing Forest birch water is made up of including calcium, potassium, magnesium and manganese.

Because Amazing Forest birch water is filled with Saponin and contains many diuretic properties, it can help to lower cholesterol, reduce cellulite and promote liver and kidney health, acting as a highly effective detoxifying agent.

Is Birch Water organic?

In a word- yes! It is 100% natural and 100% organic. We don’t do anything to it other than bottle it up ready to drink.

Amazing Forest birch water has never seen a pesticide, a germicide, a fungicide or even the seaside! (That doesn’t mean you can’t take it there).

They have however seen plenty of natural sunlight and enough rain to keep them happy for a very long time.

What is organic?

Organic food, quite simply is good, clean food with the genes nature gave it.

It is anything grown in its original and natural state without any help from synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers or irradiation. Organic farmers strive to work in harmony with nature, respect and promote the balance demanded for a healthy ecological system.

Is organic new?

It is easy to forget that people have been living organically for thousands of years but many of us lost our ways after the birth of industrial agriculture during the 20th century.

A group of farmers finally decided enough was enough and they started what they called ‘the organic movement’ in response to this and the shift towards the new chemicals and pesticides that were being introduced into the food supply.

These farmers understood that just as people desire to be healthy, so does the fruit and vegetables and everything else we consume. If our food is happy and healthy then that can only be a good thing if we are to benefit from all the vitamins and nutrients that they have to offer.