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Our Story

Amazing Forest is a fast growing and ambitious company, passionate about mother nature and the goodness she can offer us.

We aim to re-establish the lost link between the people and the positive powers of an organic way of life.

With over 100 years of collective experience for foraging and relying on nature for the main source of minerals and vitamins, you can be sure that we are truly aware and know of the benefit that our mother nature can offer us.

Our Amazing Forest organic birch water drink range is based on traditional folk recipes, before the times of preservatives and sugars. They are full of minerals and natural benefits and we would love for you to try them out.

Our mission is to restore the organic way of life. We expanded into other organic products, offering them in bulk as raw material for other producers to make other goodness out of them. Our organic berries, mushrooms and nuts are all hand picked and grow in the wild forest, which has been there for many centuries. As it is all done by the people who rely on the forest from year to year you can be assured that it is all harvested in a sustainable way.

Our organic groats range is also a part of the diet on which we grew up as children. Now those groats, such as buckwheat, are growing in popularity in the EU market and they have become an organic part of our expanded product range.